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Felicie May Phillippe

It was March 1954 when a house in West Cross was bought for the Association. This house was called Longfields and was to remain the organisation’s home until it closed in 2011. Mrs Felice Philippe, a benefactor from London bought the house for £5,000 and gave it as a gift to the Association. She has been described in the press as ‘Lady Bountiful’ or as a ‘Fairy Godmother’. It is said that she learnt about Longfields from a newspaper article. Let this extract transport you back to the 1950s where the News of the World is delivered to Mrs Philippe’s
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Inspiring Individuals

While researching the history of Longfields I have discovered many links that were made between organisations, particularly during the early days of the Association. Groups shared their knowledge and the different experiences they had in setting up their organisations. One of the groups that Longfields worked with was West Midlands Spastic Association. This group started the first school in the UK dedicated to the education of children with cerebral palsy. The school was called Carlson House School, taking its name from Dr Earl Carlson. Some of the staff from Longfields or as it was then known, Swansea & District Spastic
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