Poetry by Pen Y Bryn Pupils

Categories: Ben Ewart Dean, Carlson House School, Cerebral Palsy Midlands, Disability Arts Cymru, Disability History, Longfields, and Pen Y Bryn School.

These poems are written by the talented  pupils from Ysgol Pen Y Bryn taking inspiration from some of the early photographs of Longfields Association and Cerebral Palsy Midlands.

They were written during our workshop day at Pen Y Bryn School, Sara Beer from Disability Arts Cymru and film maker Ben Ewart-Dean led the event and  we looked at the photographs and saw a short clip of some old film footage.

The pupils reflected on the material and wondered about:

  • why the pupils did not have a uniform but the staff did
  • how uncomfortable the calipers were that some of the children were wearing
  • what were the calipers were made of
  • why the wheelchair did not fit one of the children
  • the types of equipment the children had to help them to get about
  • what pupils did at their Christmas party
  • what equipment pupils had if they were not able to use a pen or pencil easily
  • the ancient technology of the chalk board!



Poem by Hussain Miah

We’re scared because it’s our first day at school.

We’re feeling confused because we don’t know what to do.

We’re feeling butterflies with nerves,

because the teacher is dressed like a nurse

but feeling happy to see people like me.

We’re shy because we have an illness

and we don’t know how to walk.

But we all like to talk.

We are excited to make friends

and looking forward to being independent.


Poem by Charlotte Bell

I am sitting at my special desk

I am labelling my picture

I need a foot rest to reach the floor and rest my feet

Our parents made all the equipment we needed

I am busy hard at work

I am feeling happy and I am concentrating on my work

I am doing my work independently


Poem by Liam Davies

I was lonely before

and now I have friends

They are more like me

We wear calipers

Because we have disabilities

We feel grateful to our parents

But we still have fun


Poem by Georgia Miggins

Making words letter by letter

I feel like I have achieved something

I feel like I can finally communicate

I think my mum and dad and teachers are

proud of me

Words make sense now I am at school

I’m glad I am making words about going outside

I am using words to describe how I feel


Poem by Kian Davies

When we started at this school we were sad.

We couldn’t walk and we wanted to.

We were frightened of the nurses.

It looked like they would do operations.

Now ever yone looks pretty good, everyone

looks happy.

We are par t of a family.

We are friends and care about each other.

This is my first Christmas party.

We are excited, having fun in our first school.

We are fighting against our disabilities.

We have a life like ever ybody else!

We are inspired.


Poem by Shanice Phillips

Janice has a desk all of her own

Shanice would like to same

The classroom looks quite dark

There are no pictures on the walls

Making words using pegs

Must be very slow

No computers no iPads. All these years ago


Poem by Declan Walsh

We make our own decorations

A big tree is at our Christmas party

We have presents

We don’t get a visit from the mayor