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Longfields photo trail

Public meeting at the Ragged School The Association was established in April 1952 and the founders wanted to engage with more families who had children with cerebral palsy.  They also wanted to gain wider support in establishing a school in Wales for these children.  A public meeting took place with parents and other guests including doctors, orthopaedic specialists, nurses, teachers and representatives from Swansea Corporation. The setting for the meeting on June 5th 1952 was The Ragged School in Swansea.  At this meeting, the Association showed a film supplied by Carlson House School in Harborne, Birmingham which highlighted how children
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Felicie May Phillippe

It was March 1954 when a house in West Cross was bought for the Association. This house was called Longfields and was to remain the organisation’s home until it closed in 2011. Mrs Felice Philippe, a benefactor from London bought the house for £5,000 and gave it as a gift to the Association. She has been described in the press as ‘Lady Bountiful’ or as a ‘Fairy Godmother’. It is said that she learnt about Longfields from a newspaper article. Let this extract transport you back to the 1950s where the News of the World is delivered to Mrs Philippe’s
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