Question time at Pen Y Bryn

Categories: Disability History, Longfields, and Pen Y Bryn School.

Pen Y Bryn pupils have been very busy learning about the history of Longfields Association and during October I took part in a question and answer session at the school.  The pupils of today wondered what pupils in 1953 did when they started at the school established by ‘Longfields parents’.

There was a wide range of questions, some of which are reproduced here.  There were lots more!

  • What did they do for entertainment?
  • What lessons did they have?
  • Did they play football/any sport in school?
  • What did they have for dinner?
  • Was there a library in school?
  • Did they go on trips? If so where did they go?
  • What breaks did they have in school?
  • What facilities were there?
  • Did they have a school bus?
  • Were they in school on the weekend?
  • What resources did they have in the classroom? What kind of pens did they use?
  • Did they have any hoists? 
  • Did they have music/what music technology did they have?
  • Did they use sign language?
  • Did they have any famous visitors?
  • Did they teach people how to live on their own? 
  • Did they have hearing aids?
  •  What punishments were there if someone was naughty?

Pen Y Bryn pupils are going to meet some people who went to Longfields and can put some of these questions directly to them.  Looking forward to hearing the replies and see how they compare to mine!